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Big Format Games large-format games will add unforgettable fun to celebrations and events. These exciting games will delight both young and old players.


EUR 80 + VAT

Add some holiday fun with this popular game. Players' patience and accuracy will be tested while playing. 
Game dice size: 4x18 cm
The set includes: 54 wooden blocks, wooden box.


EUR 80 + VAT

A game for the whole family and friends. Develops attentiveness and patience. Will be a great gift. 
Game dice size: 12x24 cm
The set includes: 28 wooden dice, box.


EUR 70 + VAT

An entertaining game for all age groups. Develops logical thinking. The game can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Game area: 52x52 cm
Cube size: 14x14 cm
Set includes: playing field, 5 O dice and 5 X dice. 

*Please note that wood is a natural material, so there may be deviations in size.

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